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Snail Racing

April 30, 2012

As part of their Spring Watch topic, Year 4 went out into the Secret Garden this morning, in the first bit of sunshine in weeks on the hunt for some little shelled creatures to take part in a snail race in a warm up for the Olympics. In groups of three, they designed and decorated their race tracks to help entice the critters to the finish line and to try and prevent them from changing lanes. We couldn’t find that many snails in the garden so either the birds are doing their job brilliantly or the rain washed them all away! However, a couple of races took place and the only one to make it to the finishing line was Mattie’s. The rest either didn’t move quickly enough or tried to escape the track. Something for everyone to try again at home when they’ve got more time. Things to think about – are the bigger ones faster? What conditions do they like? Which surface are they quicker on? Perhaps putting some lettuce at the end will help them reach the finish line?

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